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Acronym Soup for Transition and the Occupational Course of Study

  • Acronym Soup for Transition and the OCS (PDF - 31k)
ABE Adult Basic Education LEA Local Education Agency
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act LEP Limited English Proficient
ADL Activities of Daily Living LME Local Management Entity
ADVP Adult Developmental Vocational Program LRE Least Restrictive Environment
APE Adapted Physical Education MR Mental Retardation
ASVAB Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery MU Multi-handicapped
AT Assistive Technology O&M Orientation and Mobility
AU Autism OCR Office of Civil Rights
BED Behaviorally Emotionally Disabled OCS Occupational Course of Study
BIP Behavioral Intervention Plan OHI Other Health Impaired
CA Chronological Age OI Orthopedically Impaired
CA Curriculum Assistance OSEP Office of Special Education Programs, US Department of Education
CAP Community Alternatives Programs OT Occupational Therapy
  C-Waiver Programs PASS Plan for Achieving Self Support
CBA Community Based Assessment PSAT Pre-Scholastic Aptitude Test
CBVT Community Based Vocational Training PT Physical Therapy
CIL Center for Independent Living SAT Scholastic Aptitude Test
CTE Career Technical Education SE Supported Employment
DD Developmental Disabilities SECTION 504 Part of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973; illegal for any organization receiving federal funds to discriminate against a person solely on the basis of disability
DDS Disability Determination Services SLD Specific Learning Disability
DDHOH Division of Deaf and Hard of Hearing S/L Speech /Language
DMH/DD/SAS Division of Mental Health/Developmental Disabilities/ Substance Abuse Services S/LI Speech/Language Impaired
DPI Department of Public Instruction SPED SPED
DPH Division of Public Health SPMD Severe Profound Mentally Disabled
DSS Department of Social Services SSA Social Security Act; Social Security Administration
EMD Educable Mentally Disabled SSDI Social Security Disability Insurance
ESY Extended School Year SSI Supplemental Security Income
FAPE Free and Appropriate Public Education TBI Traumatic Brain Injury
FBA Functional Behavioral Assessment TDD / TTY Telecommunication Devices for the Deaf
FERPA Family Educational Rights to Privacy Act TMD Trainable Mentally Disabled
HI Hearing Impaired VI Visually Impaired
ICF Intermediate Care Facility VR Vocational Rehabilitation
ICFMR Intermediate Care Facility for Mental Retardation VRS Video Relay Service
IDEA Individuals with Disabilities Education Act WA Work Adjustment
IEP Individualized Education Program WBL Work Based Learning
IHCP Individualized Health Care Plan WIA Workforce Investment Act
IHP Individualized Habilitation Program or Plan    
IHTP Individualized Habilitation and Treatment Plan    
ILP Independent Living Plan    
IPE Individualized Plan for Employment    
ISP Individualized Service Pan    
ITP Individualized Transition Plan    


Last Updated: November 3, 2006